PROGRAM: Pavillion
TEAM: OCHAP (Valerio Franzone)
CLIENT: Arquine
LOCATION: Mexico City, Mexico
AREA: 122 m2
STATUS: International Design Competition Entry 2023

Social Peaks is a device to cultivate and foster social relations in any urban context with a temperate or hot climate: it physically and processually arises from the ground because it represents the continuity between the urban environment and the social systems and processes it nurtures. Social Peaks is a place for programmed or unexpected encounters. Three standings of different heights shape an ideal square as a place to rest during a work break or a walk, to organize or improvise a concert or an assembly, to play, or simply to chat with a friend or a stranger.Social Peaks gives some seats, some shadow, and some shelter, but it doesn’t stop the breeze and the rain. Social Peaks is environmentally sustainable and made of local products: 95% bamboo canes for the structure and wood boards for the bleachers. The remaining 5% are nails, screws, bolts, and a greenhouse shading net used to shade cultivations. It is a dry construction of elements that can be disassembled and reused for other purposes.