The Undisciplined Discipline: Architecture and its Other Possible Practices

INTERVIEWEE: Ross Exo Adams, Ivonne Santoyo-Orozco, and Stephanie Lin
INTERVIEWER: Valerio Franzone 
ISSUE: #03 | New Rules for School
PUBLISHED: June 3, 2024
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A conversation with Ross Exo Adams and Ivonne Santoyo-Orozco, Co-Directors of Bard Architecture at Bard College, and Stephanie Lin, Dean of The School of Architecture, on the relationships between pedagogy, professional practice, and politics.
Bard Architecture at the liberal arts Bard College and The School of Architecture are two experimental architecture programmes in the US. While the first is undergraduate and unaccredited for licensure, and the second is graduate and accredited, both attempt to set new standards and methodologies in the panorama of architecture schools through their innovative pedagogical approaches, proposing different ways of practicing architecture and contributing to shaping the architect’s political role.